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Aircraft Repair Services


Comtek never declares a part beyond economic repair (BER); we always quote a repair and supply timely and complete information so our customers are equipped to make informed decisions.




Comtek is a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) for the repair of primary and secondary aircraft structures. To the FAA, this is equivalent to Part 145 Repair Station status. For our European repair customers, Comtek holds an EASA 145 Repair Station designation.




Empowering Informed Decisions

Comtek's Repairs Division operates under a customer-centric approach that utilizes highly qualified personnel and past successes to provide our customers with accurate information as quickly as possible. This allows our customers to make timely and informed decisions to manage their damaged aircraft parts.

Comtek never declares a part Beyond Economic Repair (BER) – we quote the price of repairing the damage and we leave it to our customer to decide if the part is BER.  


Timely and Affordable Solutions

Comtek's repairs are competitively priced, often less than half the cost of OEM replacement.
With hundreds of proprietary repair schemes at our disposal, a streamlined repairs centre, and 20+ years experience, Comtek turns around repairs quickly to get parts back to our customers faster.

Confident Capabilities

As a Design Approval Organization (DAO), Comtek has been designing and approving proprietary repairs for over a decade. This designation enables us to repair extensively damaged components well outside typical SRM limits. In some cases even parts that have been declared Beyond Economic Repair by other repair stations have been returned to service by Comtek’s technicians.


Over the past two decades Comtek has developed a large portfolio of approved repair designs for frequently damaged components. Odds are we already have a solution for you, and if not, we can design one.  Contact us today to find out how our repairs services can save you time and money.










Featured Repairs





Leading Edge Repair

Comtek sets the standard for repairing leading edges and backs them with a 24 month warranty.



Lower Cowl Repair

Repairs for extensively damaged Q-Series Lower Engine Cowls.



Air Stairs Repair

Comtek repairs extensively damaged air stairs assemblies for Bombardier's Q-Series regional aircraft.


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