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Q400 Lower Cowl Acoustic Liner Repair Offered by Comtek


Latest repair capabilities for the Q400 lower cowl include the acoustic liner and the modification to ensure interchangability.

Comtek Advanced Structures announces latest repair capabilities for the Q400 lower cowl including the acoustic liner and the modification of the L/H and R/H lower cowls to give interchangeability.  The acoustic liner repair capability is in direct response to the large number of acoustic liners that are being damaged from heat, air flow, moisture and foreign object debris (FOD).

Comtek’s repair capabilities offer a unique solution that not only saves the aircraft operator a significant amount of time and money but allows for the acoustic liner repair to take place without removing the intake.  In addition, the local repair maintains the part shape, doesn’t change the acoustic liner properties, does not block the drain channels in the OEM part or hold moisture.  The Comtek acoustic liner repair offers a unique solution to a common problem.



About Comtek


Comtek Advanced Structures (a subsidiary of Avcorp Industries) is a composites manufacturing company located in Burlington, ON, Canada. Founded as a small composites repair facility in 1994, Comtek has continuously expanded its knowledge and expertise, and now offers many types of products and services to leverage this know-how for the composites industry.


Comtek employs roughly 100 people between two facilities in Burlington, ON. We service airlines, aerospace manufacturing firms, and other high tech companies worldwide.



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