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New Floor Upgrade Packages for Dash 8 Q400


Floor upgrades include the forward and aft entryways, and the aft upper baggage bay

Comtek Advanced Structures has developed several floor upgrade packages for the Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 aircraft. 

The floor upgrade packages are available for the forward entry, aft entry and the aft upper baggage bay.  Due to high levels of traffic and stress during regular use, the floor panels in these areas need to be replaced or repaired frequently.

Comtek developed floor panel upgrades using more robust materials such as heavy duty honeycomb core to increase stiffness and durability and a mat overlay to reduce surface wear and increase impact resistance.  These upgrades will give operators an increased operational life on each of the panels by improving the reliability of the aircraft with respect to these areas.  Each floor upgrade package comes with a 24 month warranty on materials and workmanship.



About Comtek


Comtek Advanced Structures (a subsidiary of Avcorp Industries) is a composites manufacturing company located in Burlington, ON, Canada. Founded as a small composites repair facility in 1994, Comtek has continuously expanded its knowledge and expertise, and now offers many types of products and services to leverage this know-how for the composites industry.


Comtek employs roughly 100 people between two facilities in Burlington, ON. We service airlines, aerospace manufacturing firms, and other high tech companies worldwide.



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