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Comtek Receives PDA Approval on Q-Series Radomes


Aftermarket PDA Radomes are guaranteed to meet OEM transmissivity requirements and are stocked for quick turn-around

Comtek Advanced Structures receives PDA design approval from Transport Canada for the Q-series radome which applies to the Bombardier Dash 8 Q100/200/300/400 aircraft.  This design approval allows Comtek to manufacture and sell certified airworthy radome assemblies directly to operators flying this aircraft.  This is expected to significantly reduce the lead time typically required for an operator to procure a radome assembly.

The aftermarket radomes are guaranteed to meet OEM transmissivity requirements, and include features such as venturis that help resist moisture ingression, a common issue that limits the transmissivity of the radome.

Comtek’s aftermarket radomes will replace the existing configurations of Q-series radomes (P/N 4426X-2-10/11/12).




About Comtek


Comtek Advanced Structures (a subsidiary of Avcorp Industries) is a composites manufacturing company located in Burlington, ON, Canada. Founded as a small composites repair facility in 1994, Comtek has continuously expanded its knowledge and expertise, and now offers many types of products and services to leverage this know-how for the composites industry.


Comtek employs roughly 100 people between two facilities in Burlington, ON. We service airlines, aerospace manufacturing firms, and other high tech companies worldwide.



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