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About Comtek


Comtek is an Approved Maintenance Organization and Design Approval Organization that provides structural repair services and custom aircraft parts to the regional aircraft industry.




Founded as a small composites repair facility in 1994, Comtek has continuously expanded its knowledge and expertise, and now offers many types of products and services to leverage this know-how for the composites industry.


Comtek serves the aerospace industry with a focus on regional and business jet aircraft types. We are firmly entrenched in various levels of the vertical supply chain with products and services supplied to aircraft OEMs, MRO service organizations, and airline operators.

Comtek employs roughly 100 people and is located in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.



Comtek designs and manufactures a range of aftermarket PDA parts for the regional aircraft market.


Aircraft Repair Services

Comtek offers repairs on all types of aircraft parts, both composite and metallic, for primary and secondary structural parts.




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